Data-Stream, Cybertill Website Solution

Data-Stream is as an enterprise level CMS (Content Management Service) build on the Kentico application. Data-Stream is the simple answer to have an external website service via its SOAP services module.

Our solution, as an external web service, takes your Cybertill EPOS system to the next level. Extending the features of the 'Standard' Cybertill website shopping cart with limited features, to a fully optimised, feature rich E-Commerce solution which includes :
  • On-line Marketing 
  • On-line Communities
  • Web Content Management
  • Intranet and Collaboration

With its fully customisable UI (User interface), from developers to copywriters, and basic user, the Data-Stream/Kentico solution is ideal for all small business, through to enterprise level, with department structured management .

Read more about our Cybertill integration service on our Data-Stream website